Short Training

If you don't have enough time for home training or going to sport clubs these exercises can be helpful as sporting is essential part of people's life especially for women it's important cause that's the way to extend your beauty. It's a short training actually, it consists of the following exercises and takes 10-15 minutes. You'd better do it every day but if you can't, three times a week will be enough.

Let's start from breast


put your legs shoulder-width apart, take two dumbbells in your hands, put your arms with the dumbbells up over your head, cross them and put down to your hips.

 put your legs shoulder-width apart, put out your arms with dumbbells in front of you and cross them quickly.

 legs shoulder-width apart, your hands with dumbbells are down to hips. Put one arm up to your head, the other is in initial position, then put the arm down and put another one up.

 repeat previous exercise bending your body forward.

put your arms sideways and bend at the elbows, hold the dumbbells in hands, put your arms over the shoulder level and then down a little bit lower than your waist level.

 imagine that you're skiing but instead of ski poles you're holding dumbbells, put your arms up to your breast level and then down slowly to your hips.

 sit on the chair, pin your arms to your sides holding your dumbbells, bend arms at the elbows and hold hands together in front of your breast, put your forearms sideways and back to the initial position holding your arms tight to your sides.

Now biceps and triceps


pin your shoulders to your sides holding your dumbbells, put your forearms up to the arms toughening your biceps, then put them down to relax.

 legs shoulder-width apart, bent a little, put your body forward and your arms back and up to the shoulder level, bend your forearms holding the dumbbells and unbend as higher as possible feeling your triceps toughening.

Abdominal crunches


 lay on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and make a full sit with your arms up, come back to the initial position.
2. initial position is the same, bend your arms and put your hands behind the

 head, stretch with your chin up to the ceiling thus raising yourself a little and toughening abdominal muscles.

 repeat previous exercise with your legs bent at the knees and put together on the floor to the left, then with your legs to the right.

 lay on the floor, hold your legs a little bit up from the floor so that you could feel your low abdominal muscles toughening, move your legs the way you do it when you ride a bicycle.

Hips and buttocks


 legs shoulder-width apart, you'll need your dumbbells again, hold them in your hands, stand on tiptoe and make a deep toe squat, touching the floor with the dumbbells.

 lay on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, put your hips up as high as possible toughening the buttocks and then down but not touching the floor.

 kneestand, sit on your right hip, kneestand again then sit on your left hip.

When you start doing these exercises it may take longer time but when you know them by heart, it'll be shorter.
Keep fit!


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