روشی ساده برای زیبایی

We got used to think that to keep fit you need much time, much money and lots of efforts. We are sure that only housewives can afford it. As for gym, that seems to be impermissible luxury! Frankly speaking all these are just slim excuses and lack of wish to find easier way to the beauty! You really don’t have to spend days in the gym to keep fit and to shape your breasts. If you allot 10 minutes everyday to your exercises, that’ll be enough. You can even do it while working at the computer. Let’s get it started!

1)      Exercise for your buttocks and hamstring muscles.

Sit on the chair, hold your back straight, put your legs out and hold them above the floor, hold your toes up. Toughen your buttocks as hard as you can, hold for some seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times for the beginning and try to reach 100 times step by step. Don’t hurry, do it slowly. You must feel tension in your buttocks and hamstring muscles. To get better result toughen your abdominis muscle simultaneously with your buttocks as if you’re pulling them in.

2)      Exercises for your breasts.

Sit on the chair, hold your back straight, put your elbows aside, your hands are parallel to the floor, your palms lean against each other like you’re praying. Push your palms harder against each other thus toughening your pectoral muscles. Repeat 10 times holding your hands close to your breasts, then move your palms 5sm forward and make again 10 pushing and last move your palms forward to the maximum without breaking them away and make 10 pushing in that position. Increase the number of the repetitions up to 50 step by step.

Stay beautiful despite your busyness!


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