Olympic Games hits London tourist spots


London's tourism industry is finding it hard to compete with the Olympic Games, according to local businesses.

The Press Association reports that many of London’s top tourist spots have reported a dramatic reduction in visitors since the Games began over the weekend.

One of the areas noticing the reduction in business are the West End Theatres with the President of the Society of London Theatre Mark Rubinstein saying "Normally tourists will visit central London but they are mostly here to see the Games.

"The message about travel problems also seems to have kept people away. My experience is things are running smoothly and people should not be put off.

"There is a great opportunity to get out there to see some fantastic shows."

The general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, Steve McNamara, said drivers had noticed a sharp fall in business and described London as a "ghost town". He said "Anecdotally our business is down by about 20-40% depending on the time of day. Normally about 90% of our customers are Londoners but they've all left the city and haven't been replaced by tourists.

"I don't know where all these tourists are or how they're getting about but London is like a ghost town.

"Some drivers are working longer hours just to stand still, others have taken a conscious decision not to pay certain bills while others have just given up and gone away."

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