The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Undoubtedly eyes is an important organ for every person. And we should take care of them if we really wish to see the world surrounding us.
This is not a secret that eyes are some kind of a visiting card of a person. The first that attracts attention are the person’s eyes.
In modern world our eyes have to work hard: TV, computers, books, bad habits are not really good for sight.
And here we aim to share some secrets on how to keep our eyes healthy and beautiful.

During the workday if you feel your eyes fatigue or pain, take a break, relax, close your eyes for a while or just look around. Put a tampon wetted in chamomile infusion on your eyes. The complete darkness will also help to relax your eyes; clasp palms onto your eyes then open them for 1-2 minutes.

To keep your eyes healthy you should also take care of the skin around them. Eyelid skin is very soft and much thinner that skin of the body. So to protect it from irritation, sprain and wrinkles you should always be careful using cosmetics.

Doing a make up or applying a cream on your skin make it smoothly not jerky. Apply cream starting from the inner side of the eye to the outside on the superior eyelid; and from outside to the inner side on the inferior eyelid.

To take makeup off – put some emollient cream; then using the tampon take off mascara and other makeup.
Lotion that you use for eye skin should not contain any alcohol. Eye skin ages very fast and without proper care soon you will see lots of wrinkles around you eyes. Sun, heat and cold are not also health-giving for your skin.

Strong sun causes more harmful effects than other. And when you are going to take sunbathe do not forget to put on sunglasses and take sun protection cream with you.
Do not forget about the nutrition. What you eat is very important for your skin too. Eat more potherbs and vegetables, fruits and A, C, E, D vitamins.
Smoking and alcohol abuse will cause appearance of shadows under the eyes.

One of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy is doing exercises – this is very good for muscles and nerves, and it improves your mood:
• look to the left then to the right, then look straight
• make rotatory movements
• look at the nose point
These exercises will not take much time but will really help you.
Take care of your eyes and take pleasure watching the world with keen eye.


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