Exercises to make your legs slim

Exercise to strengthen saggy muscles of the inner side of the hips. This is one of the most popular problems even among slim women. The exercises take 20-40 minutes a day depending on repetition, but you should do it regularly every day or in a day. Following these rules you'll get the result in a month.

Exercise to strengthen saggy muscles of the inner side of the hips.

1. Stay back to the wall, put your hands on your waist, make short side strokes with a straight leg. The point is the strokes mustn't be too high, just about your foot length, but they should be very fast. Do this exercise 10 times with every leg. If you feel it's too hard to do, make just 5-6 strokes. For the first time if it's difficult to keep the balance, use a chair with a high back. Watch your bearing, the backbone must be straight. Do not lean on the chair too much, just hold on to it not to lose balance. Later increase the number of the exercises up to 3 approaches. It means 10 times then 1 minute rest and 10 strokes again, thus 30 strokes for every leg.

2. Lay down on the right side, pull your belly and put your right leg up about 10 cm high from the floor. Hold your right hand above your head. Stay in this position for 15 seconds then rest a little and change sides. Try to keep the position for 30-45 seconds step by step. You may use watch or count yourself the following way: and one, and two, and three, etc. When you say and  it replaces the interval between seconds.

3. Scissors ' lay down on your back. Lean on your elbows; put your legs up 50 cm high from the floor and cross them for some seconds. Start with 10 times and then increase up to 30. If you feel tired rest a little then repeat the exercise.

4. Walking is also good for strengthening this group of muscles. Try to put your knees up as high as possible when you walk. If you wish you may replace this exercise by jumping or running.


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