Exercise to strengthen your buttocks, to make them spring and well-shaped

It's not a secret that slim legs and hips always catch delighted men's eyes. Some women are not satisfied with their legs shape. You should remember the most important is spring and fit muscles; that's the beauty from the men's point of view. This article presents the exercises to fit your hips and legs and keep the result as long as possible. The rule is to do the exercises regularly and the result will be easily reached.

Sit down on the chair edge, put your feet apart. Put a book or a pillow between your knees. Hold your back straight, put your hands on the seat. Try to press the pillow or the book with your hips muscles and hold this position for 15 seconds, then rest and repeat the exercise 5 times. Step by step try to hold your muscles strained for 30-40 seconds.

Stay on your knees, put your hands on the waist. Then put your right buttock to the floor, do the same with your left buttock. Do it 10 times for every side. Increase up to 30 times little by little. You may do 10 times for the right buttock and 10 times for the left one, then rest a little and repeat for 2 times. This exercise is quite difficult but very effective, so do not worry if you can't do it after the first time. Train a little and you'll feel your muscles get stronger.

 You'll need a chair with a high back to keep balance. Bend your right knee for 90° in front of you and turn it aside, put the leg down. Repeat the exercise 10 times. The same for the left leg. Increase the exercise up to 30 times for every leg. It's perfect for buttocks, inner side of the hips and muscles of the groin.

 Lay down on your back, bend your knees and put your feet shoulder's width. Put your arms along your body. Lift the hips 10 times. Your backbone must be straight. You should feel strain in the back of your legs, in your buttocks and in the back of your knees. The basic stress is made on your buttocks. Bring this exercise to 3 approaches step by step.


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