Cellulite war

So let's turn back to our cellulite :) there is so much written about it that I think my words can even get lost in the information sea of anticellulite war, but probably it will be useful to anybody.

The main idea is to help your body to get renewed. Lots of gals overstrain themselves with fitness and diets trying to fight cellulite the same way as usual fat, but it is wrong way.

First of all you should think of your metabolism and lymphatic system, there are a lot of stories about women who had been trying to get rid of cellulite for ages without any result and just 10 days course of lymphatic drainage massage helped them even more than years of training and diets.

So what will be helpful for you in this fight with cellulite:

1.Visit sauna but not more than once a week, and take treatment bathes (with herbs)

2.Drink a lot of water, but be sure that the water is clean you'd better to use spring water, drink herb tea with camomile

3.Create your own diet but remember you should never hunger, it is the worst you can do. The best known food for those who wish to be healthy is soup and vegetables, no cakes and sweets, you can afford only dark chocolate once or twice a week

4.And surely massage and fitness; swimming is very good as well

Be beautiful and healthy.


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