Missing You

I don’t know what went wrong

Things were fine

…‘til you sang the last song

And left me behind

It all turns to ice

I don’t see any fire left in your eyes

You left us cold

With the wound invisible and untold

Of course everything is my fault

Like it’s always been

And of course you don’t wanna start the ‘talk’

Because you’re too proud within

You say I’ve treated you badly

I say why haven’t you got me?

There’s always a reason

When everything is frozen

But let me say “Whatever”…

As we no longer communicate

Let me use this paper

To say this message is love, not hate

I still care for you

I still do love you

And whatever you think of me

No matter how bad…

I, unfortunately,



Currently, am

Missing you…

“Do you remember, do you remember, do you remember...

all of the times we had

Let’s bring it back (Bring it back!)”

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