Beautiful neck

Any girl dreams to be attractive and certainly one of the main things that makes us attractive is our well-groomed body. The clean and tightened skin frequently brings more than unearthly beauty of others not so well-groomed young ladies.

Nowadays the huge amount of cosmetic appears every day and helps us to look well and young. While girls are young they take their body as something eternal, and think that the youth will last all the time so this is very pity when only at the last minute gals notice wrinkles and strias.

 Frequently women give a lot of attention to a face skin and hands absolutely forgetting about a neck. And in fact our neck start aging first, it covers with wrinkles, and loses color, acquires double chin. And very soon comes the moment when not only a decollete, but also simply superficial low neck on a dress becomes inaccessible for us.

 Therefore start taking care of the neck as more as early as it is possible. Clean the skin with oils, cosmetic milk, herb extracts, lotion and tonics. Do not forget to wipe a skin of a neck with an ice made of herb extracts, after wiping put some nourishing cream on the skin.

 Make masks to nourish a skin of a neck. You can use natural masks like this one – take some rye bran add boiled water than add an egg yolk and some oil, put a mask on a neck for 10-20 minutes, wash it with warm, then cold water and put some cream on a neck.

 If the skin became dry you need to make oily pack. Take a napkin soaked with warm oil and wrap up around of a neck for an hour, press a towel and densely wrap up with a scarf.

 If you acquire a tan a skin of a neck will soon become flabby. In this case the mask made of a mashed potatoes 1-2 times a week will help to take care of our skin.

 Take a mashed potatoes, 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Contrast compresses will also help to make the skin of your neck better.

 You need a bowl of hot broth of a linden or mint and a bowl of very cold water. Now take a napkin and moisten it in hot broth wrap up around of a neck for some time than moisten it in cold water and wrap up around of a neck for some time again. Hold a hot napkin on a neck for 2-3 minutes, cold one for 1-2 minutes. Finish with cold compress. Here some small secrets of beauty for your neck. Be beautiful!

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