Olympic Games Tourism Brings Prostitution, Human Trafficking Concerns to London

"Major sporting events can be a magnet for the global sex and trafficking industry," said Shadow Minister for the Olympics Dame Tessa Jane Jowell. "This is wholly unacceptable. I am determined that traffickers will not exploit London 2012."

The UK Metropolitan Police Service's Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command (SCD9) was established in 2010 to tackle vice and human trafficking crime in the five Olympic host boroughs of Newham, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, and Greenwich.

Prostitution is considered legal in the United Kingdom, although as of Apr. 1, 2010 it is illegal to "persistently loiter or solicit" for prostitution in a street or public place (defined as two or more occasions in any three month period); cause, incite, or control prostitution for gain (pimping); keep a brothel; pay for the sexual services of a prostitute subjected to force; or advertise prostitution services on a public telephone.

There is no specific law against placing prostitution advertisements in newspapers, however newspapers that print advertisements for brothels "under the guise of massage parlours and saunas" may be liable for prosecution for money laundering offenses, according to the UK's Crown Prosecution Service.




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